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Specializing in the repair and refurbishment of Braillers!.
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Welcome to The Braillery. We have specialized in the repair and refurbishment of braillers for the Visually Challenged community around the globe since 1992! Whether you have a single brailler or a classroom full, we can handle the job.
All of our repairs include a complete overhaul of your brailler, an unbeatable 1-year guarantee all at a flat rate price of $97.50

Why should you choose The Braillery for your Brailler repair?
*Our 1-YEAR HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE. If anything goes wrong with your Brailler within a year of our repair, we will repair it again, no charge, no questions asked.
*Our flat rate price of $97.50 US Dollars for the repair of most braillers, which includes parts, labor, and warranty.
*We have been repairing Braillers longer than most others, since 1992.
Telephone: (915) 565-0179 FAX: (915) 566-4451 E-Mail:
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