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Specializing in the repair and refurbishment of Braillers!.
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Frequently asked Questions concerning repairs!
How and where can I get it repaired?
How much will it cost?
What kind of equipment can be repaired?
Can I repair my brailler myself?
How does a brailler get repaired
Braillers are a pretty depedable product. They can take a lot of abuse, but then eventually they begin to fail.
Nothing is worse than sitting down to a typing session and then afterwards discovering that the paper misfed or the bumps aren't deep enough.
And then worse than that... Perkins Brailler and where can you get it repaired? much will it cost?
Spacer...does anyone still repair this old thing?
Telephone: (915) 565-0179 FAX: (915) 566-4451 E-Mail:
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